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Perinatal Massage Services

Enjoy a therapeutic massage designed to help you achieve balance, alignment and rejuvenation!

Prenatal Massage Services

Therapeutic Prenatal Massage












Each massage includes a thorough consultation to ensure the massage will be tailored to fit your individual needs. An additional 30 minutes is built into your appointment time to allow for intake, full 60 or 90-minutes on the table and time afterwards to discuss a self care plan.

  • 60-minute Therapeutic Massage – $130
  • 90-minute Therapeutic Massage – $180
  • 120-minute┬áTherapeutic Massage – $230

Please inquire about package pricing & monthly specials. Sliding scale pricing is available upon request!

In home massage is available! Travel fee is dependent on location. Please contact us for more details.

Gift Certificates are available!! Please call for more information. (206) 383-2667

Prenatal Massage: Women typically begin prenatal massage near the end of the 1st trimester once prenatal care has been established. Although, there are circumstances when treatment earlier in pregnancy is indicated. You will receive a specialized prenatal massage with comfortable cushion supports in side lying & semi reclined positioning, depending on the stage of your pregnancy. Massage, stretching & hydrotherapy techniques are used to structurally balance muscle groups in order to maintain comfort as your body changes & baby grows. A variety of techniques are utilized to address common ailments in pregnancy and your individual needs.

Postnatal Massage: As soon as you are cleared by your healthcare provider, Postnatal massage can be a beneficial tool for helping your body recover from pregnancy. This can be any where from immediately after birth to several days or weeks later depending on your labor. Postnatal massage can help to aid in in the recovery process by addressing postural dysfunction, reducing muscle tension & scar tissue and decreasing stress hormones. Massage during the postpartum period can also support healthy lactation and help to combat fatigue.

Massage on into Maternity: Motherhood can be a wonderful & certainly busy time in your life. Receiving massage can help to ease the pains & stresses that caring for a new baby can bring. It is so important to take time for yourself!